Williamsburg Lunch Buffet

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Williamsburg’s Most Flavorful Lunch Buffet

With all the talk of fresh food, farm to table, and ocean to table, very few people really hold buffets, or lunch buffets to the same standard. At El Sabroson in Williamsburg, everything is made fresh, is harvested fresh, and is served fresh. And our lunch buffet is no different.

Lunch Buffet: Fresh And Flavorful

A buffet, especially our Williamsburg lunch buffet, is a collection of flavors and dishes from Central And South America. The only difference is instead of just trying one dish, you can try dozens of dishes. All made fresh.

And many dishes change from day to day. So every visit to our lunch buffet in Williamsburg means new dishes at their freshest. And on top of different sauces and dishes do not forget to make room for dessert!

 A Tour Of Latin Foods And Seasonings

And  you can get creative with the different dishes. Combine things, sample different dishes. There is no wrong way to enjoy this Latin lunch buffet. So join us for a culinary experience. No passport needed.

Fresh Flavors From Central And South America

Nothing is as satisfying as fresh food. So why not have a lot of it, with a Latin twist.


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