Latin Restaurant Specialty: Chicharron

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One great thing about El Sabroson Latin Restaurant In Williamsburg is you can enjoy Latin food specialties from throughout Central and South America. Today’s Latin Food feature..Chicharron.


The Chicharron, which is offered on the El Sabroson restaurant menu combines deep fried pork rinds, with a multitude of seasonings, vegetables, flavors  and spices. Our Chicharron at El Sabroson adds onion and bell peppers to ground pork.


The Origin Of Chicharron

This highly popular Latin American Food has its origins in Spain. Like all foods, it is made in different ways throughout Central And South America. For example In Peru you might find it as an appetizer on your local menu being served with relish and yuca. In Bolivia you will see it served with salsa. All the variations are similar, combining fried meat with seasonings. Each little spin brings out new flavors and textures in this popular Latino dish.

Come Enjoy This Latin Treat At El Sabroson Restaurant In Williamsburg, Va.

Come try the Chicharron at El Sabroson in Williamsburg. All the dishes on the El Sabroson menu make up a rich tapestry of dishes that fuse elements of Spanish food, Tex-Mex, Central American Cuisine and South American dining.

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