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An Introduction To Latin American Cuisine History

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The term Latino refers to a native or inhabitant of Latin America or a person of Latin American origin living in the United States. This Latin American culture is a combination of Spanish cuisine and traditional ingredients with later European influences of Germany, Italy, France and the Middle East. But to find a truly unique infusion of the flavor of Latin American, we have to look to South America including Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil where the food is not one unified cuisine, but a mix of many different cultures. The long coastline of Chile along with the fertile farmlands of Argentina make for a unique blend of flavors and foods ranging from grilled meats or parrilla from grass fed beef cattle to flavorful fish stews and Chilean Sea Bass.

pan seared chilean sea bass

From the superb seafood choices and grilled meats of Argentina to the lush fruits and vegetables of the Brazilian Rainforest, this area is a melting pot for the infusion of cultures that make up the tastes of Latin America. A popular snack in Latin American cuisine, anempanada (pastelin Brazilian Portuguese andsalteñain Bolivia) is a baked or fried bread or pastry which is stuffed with meat, cheese, huitlacoche (“corn smut”, a delicacy in Mexico), vegetables or fruits, among other fillings.

Latin American food has become a popular trend for those looking to experience the exotic cuisine of our neighbors to the south. As a result of that growth, a burst of not only Mexican food, but also Central and South American cuisine sprang onto the culinary scene.

Our menu represents a delicious mix of food from our many cultures. We promise you fresh ingredients; hand-crafted cooking and Abuela’s (granny’s) lifelong recipes that will allow you to savor our Latin American Culture with every bite that you take. We use local, in-season, readily available ingredients in our restaurant and kitchen. All of our glorious foods are prepared from time-honored family recipes and served with the true warmth and hospitality we’ve come to associate with Latin Culture. We welcome you all as guests and as family of our beloved heritage.

Bistec A Lo Pobre

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Not every dish on a menu may jump out at you as something familiar. That does not mean it is not worth it to try something new. If you missed the dish I would like to call your attention too our menu item known as Bistec a lo Pobre.

steak latin

Bistec a lo Pobre translates directly to the phrase;

Steak of the poor

There are a number of unconfirmed urban legends surrounding this dish. Many of these urban legends reference that the dish was a food of working class or poor people in Peru. This may or may not be true, but after seeing what the dish is, …who cares.

Steak And Eggs…With A Latin Twist

The dish consists of steak, rice, French fries, egg, and fried plantains. It sounds more like steak and eggs on steroids. It is a complete meal straddling the bounds of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In South America it is primarily a dish that is served at lunch. I think this dish can be served anytime. In fact the name really does not do it justice. Thus I have come up with some names which could potentially better represent this feast.

Here are some possible names…

Bistec Desayuno Tardio

Bistec Desayuno Tardio translates into steak brunch. This combination meal of steak, fries, rice, and eggs is brunchworthy. In fact, you do not have to miss out on breakfast or lunch when you order this.

Bistec Gordo

I do not think it is fair that is has poor (pobre) in the name. This dish is calorie rich and the term Bistec Gordo translates to fat steak.

Bistec y Juevos

Bistec y Juevos just means steak and eggs in Spanish. This one is simple and to the point.

But the name is not going to change..

No the name of this dish is not changing. Not here or in Peru. But, the descriptions in the names are accurate. It is an all encompassing steak, fry, rice, breakfast feast.


Now the next step is try it

Come to El Sabroson in Williamsburg and enjoy this decadent dish anytime as well as some of our other unique Latin specialties.

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