Carne Asada

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You have seen the name Carne Asada bounced around on different menus from Latin American or Mexican restaurants. Many enjoy but don’t know the origin of this great dish or what it is composed of. Simply put, it is grilled meat imparted with smoke flavor and added seasonings. Generally combining beef and smoke is a recipe for something that is scrumptious.

carne asada


Most get the carne part. Carne is Spanish for beef. Carne Asada is a sliced meat. In many cases it is sirloin steak that has been cut into slices. Slices are great over using a whole piece of uncut steak because the seasonings and flavorings can get onto more of the meat surface.


Asada means grilled meat in Spanish, referring to the method of how this meat is prepared. While Carne Asada it is not barbecued in the traditional way American barbecue is cooked, it does fit the motif. The key to it is to sear and lightly burn it or char it. This gives a rich smoky grill taste that complements the seasonings and spices added to Carne Asada.


I have enjoyed this dish seasoned with salt, lemon, lime, garlic, and more. The combination of traditional Latin American seasonings with the smoky charred flavor fuses into something that has a rich beefy taste and an aroma that is out of this world.

carne asada


This dish hails from Latin America.




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