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Mother’s Day In South America

April 27, 2019Read More

Some things transcend nations, languages, and cultures. Whether you are in Asia, North America, Central America or South America you can bank on this truth. We all love our Moms! That being said many countries have there own select customs to honor their Mothers.

According to an article in TripSaavy there are a wide array of different traditions to celebrate Mother’s Day In South America. Here are a few of the differences you might discover in your travels into Latin America:

latin america mothers day traditions


In Argentina Mother’s Day is hosted in the Fall, on the 3rd Sunday In October. This may seem a little different to us but remember the seasons area different in Latin America, with October being more like our Spring than May.


In Bolivia Mother’s Day celebrations have been combined with Independence Day events commemorating Bolivia’s independence over Spain. This is to honor the role women played in fighting against the Spanish.


In Ecuador you might see groups of male performers singing the praises of Mom in and out of different neighborhoods in public performances celebrating Mom.


One Peruvian Mother’s Day tradition is to make a visit to the cemetery to honor Mom’s who have passed on.

Regardless of the custom, Mother’s are the bedrock of society. Whether Latin America or North America, we strive to honor and thank them in many different ways.
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