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Williamsburg Buffet

November 17, 2016Read More

You know a tourist town like Williamsburg would not be complete without 1 or 2 great buffets. For visitors or locals, it seems almost essential to make the buffet style food extravaganza part of their meal plan. Whether you are a local or tourist, it is nice to sample a lot of different dishes with unlimited portions. Likewise, if you are looking for a great dinner buffet or lunch buffet in Colonial Williamsburg than I can tell you two you have to try.

If you are seafood person, you would go to the iconic Peninsula ocean food fest called Captain George’s. It is a mega buffet with seafood prepared about a gazillion ways (not a real number). If you want a Mexican AND great Latin Buffet, the only choice is El Sabroson on Waller Mill Landing Road.

Williamsburg Latin Buffet

The buffet, prepared fresh daily includes authentic Mexican dishes like tortillas, tacos, and burritos that you can make yourself. It also includes authentic Latino favorites that for some are a reminder of a taste of home thousands of miles away in South America.

Colonial Williamsburg Latin Buffet

Most Americans do not know the bounty of incredible delectable dishes offered throughout South and Central America. There are too many cultures in this region to sample every dish. Nevertheless, our buffet includes dishes featuring the recipes of South American And Central American cultures including:



  • El Salvador
  • Peru

peruvian__food_williamsburg_polloWhat makes a great Latin buffet you can enjoy in the ‘the Burg’

Two key things make a great Latin buffet you can enjoy in Williamsburg, Virginia. One is authenticity. The dishes cannot be caricatures of Latino cooking, but must be the actual dishes. The other key element for a smorgasbord is a huge variety of South American and Latino cooking from multiple countries. At El Sabroson we strive for both. Here are some of the dishes that allow us to bring true latino cooking North of the “border”.

Great Dishes

Some of the dishes you will find on our buffet are:

  • Pupusas
  • Tortillas
  • Burritos
  • Pollo a Brasa
  • Spanish Rice
  • Refried Beans
  • And lots more

Check out our alacarte menu

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