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Mexican Food And Beyond In Williamsburg

September 22, 2016Read More

Compared to 30 years ago, many Americans, both in Williamsburg and abroad, make Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican food part of their monthly repertoire of meals. Many know of the food favorites. Some even


have sampled drinks like the Margarita. But few, even here in Williamsburg, have really moved beyond to other Latino favorites from South America

Mexican food, served here in El Sabroson as part of a balanced mix of different Latino favorites, is just one type of food in the regions heavily influenced by itā€™s Spanish origins. One recipe you must try is a Latin American sauce originating in Peru. This sauce is known as HuancaĆ­na Sauce.

No HuancaĆ­na is not Mexican Restaurant style nacho sauce..

In fact, HuancaĆ­na is much better than that. This sauce is a spicy cheese sauce that is both viscous, yet pours smooth. Itā€™s most famous pairing is over potatoes, which in the Spanish language are known as pappas. So basically it is potatoes with a creamy cheese sauce. I think once more Americans realize this is what HuancaĆ­na is, it will become a staple in the national diet(at least for people who like cheese, but who doesnā€™t like cheese?).

Its An El Sabroson Restaurant of Williamsburg, Virginiaā€™s House Specialty.williamsburg-mexican-and-peruvian-restaurant-in-virginia

The HuancaĆ­na sauce is one of the Especials de la Casa (house specialties). You can get it over potatoes. You can also get it over a root call Yucca. Personally I think a lot of people will really want to dump the sauce on tortillas or french fries once they realize how good it is. So what gives this sauce its distinct flavor..

aji_amarillo_pepper-peruvian-or-mexican-food-williamsburgWhat is in HuancaĆ­na sauce?

Originating in Peru, there are two main ingredients that give this sauce its zing. One is the Aji Amarillo chile pepper. This is also known as a yellow pepper and is very spicy. The other main ingredient is a crumbly white cheese known as queso fresco. These are blended with a starchy thickener like a cracker. You now have spicy fresh cheese sauce. This sauce can be dumped over potatoes or used as a dipping sauce. The combination of spices and cheese make it burst with flavor.

Spice warning: if spicy food is not your thing you may want to avoid this sauce as it is very spicy. If you like spices you will be in hog heaven.

For authentic incredible Latino food ranging from Mexican to Argentinian come visit us at El Sabroson restaurant in Williamsburg Virginia.

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