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Real Mexican And American Mexican Food in Williamsburg

June 29, 2016Read More

mexican food williamsburgAuthentic Mexican Food in Williamsburg?

At El Sabroson, Williamsburg’s authentic Mexican and Latin food restaurant, we pride ourselves on authentic dishes. Yes, our customers are not all from Mexico or South America, so we do offer some Americanized dishes. Many of these dishes are called Tex-Mex. Regardless, the flavors of Spanish and Latino dishes can be seen in all types of food, not just that from South of the Texas border.

But What Is Authentic Mexican?

The United States, its culture, and food are all versions of foods from the homelands the population came from. Mexican food is no different. You have dishes that pull elements of native dishes but with a flare that will appeal to other cultures. Both are delicious, but it is always interesting to see the differences of a dish as it migrates across the border.

So what how do you know if it is authentic Mexican?

Glad you asked. To show you some real Mexican dishes, some of which we serve here in our Williamsburg restaurant, I need to show you its Americanized version. Now I am not in any way implying the Americanized versions are not delicious. Nor am I telling you that we don’t serve them here.
All I am doing is showing you the “origin” dish. Think of it as a family tree for Americanized Mexican food.

The Original Mexican Dishes and Their American Counterparts

Traditional American taco, served with ground beef, sour cream, iceburg lettuce, tomato and jack and cheddar cheese.The Great Williamsburg Taco: American Style

I do not know many people who have lived on Earth who have not heard of or tasted a taco. By Taco I mean the staple you will see at any Williamsburg or Newport News Mexican restaurant. You know, the hard yellow shell with the ground corn pieces showing as black specs in the shell. From there it is loaded with meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and seasoning. Usually you have it with ground beef, sometimes shredded chicken.

The Original Mexican versionmexican taco

To enjoy the original Mexican style Taco you need to make some modifications. This includes

• a heated soft shell
• beef, chicken, pork or seafood
• avocado
• home made salsa
• lime juice
• cilantro
• white cheese

What you get is a taco bursting and exploding with flavor. Both versions are good but it is interesting to see how much changed when the taco crossed the border.

The Big Bad Burrito

If you have been to any shopping area or strip mall you have seen them. Giant oversized mega burritos in foil stuffed to capacity with..anything that would fit. Places like Chipotle, Taco Bell and Moe’s offer burritos with a four course meal inside of them. They consist of:

• beef or chicken
• black or pinto beans
• lettuce
• pico de gallo
• salsa
• soft flour tortilla
• sour cream
• tomatoes
• nacho cheese
• Mexican cheese

To be blunt, these are tasty and you get a little bit of a wrist workout maneuvering that thing from your plate to your mouth. So what about the authentic or origin burrito…

The Traditional Mexican Burrito

This is a bit of a letdown after the description of the super burrito. The Mexican burrito is much smaller with very limited ingredients like

• wheat flour shells
• beef or chicken
• chiles and beans
• white cheese

This is just the start

I can’t go into every dish that has changed with American culture, but there are a lot of dishes that have been Americanized. There are also a lot more Latin style food dishes than just Mexican.

Taste Authentic Mexican And Authentic Latin Food for yourself

Come visit El Sabroson Mexican Restaurant at our Waller Mill location in Williamsburg. We serve up lots of authentic Latin and Mexican dishes as well as some Tex-Mex varieties. In the meantime check out our menu of great Mexican dishes.

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