Mexican Independence Day

September 1, 2017Read More

September 16th is Mexican Independence Day. Often mistaken for Cinco De Mayo, it marks the anniversary of the beginning of s revolution to free Mexico from

Latin Food Myths

July 25, 2017Read More

Latin Food Is NOT Mexican Food One of the biggest misconceptions people have about a Latino Restaurant is that the food is going to be Mexican

Latin American Cooking: Asian Fusion and Fried Rice

June 20, 2017Read More

As I have mentioned before, Latin American cooking, in many ways,  is the fusion of other cultures all across the world. On top of traditional Spanish

Cinco De Mayo in Williamsburg

May 4, 2017Read More

Williamsburg Virginia Significance¬† Very few people see Cinco de Mayo in a Williamsburg Mexican restaurant as having a significant relationship with Williamsburg Virginia’s colonial history. While

Mexican Food: The Chimichanga

April 12, 2017Read More

If you have ever been to a Mexican restaurant you have either heard of or tried the chimichanga. The chimichanga or chimi as I affectionately call

Williamsburg Steak With A Latin Twist

January 24, 2017Read More

El Sabroson Mexican and Latin Restaurant in Williamsburg is packed full of dishes from Mexico and Latin America. Naturally they are authentic in the sense that they

Pupusas in Williamsburg

December 9, 2016Read More

In every culture there seems to be a starch dish that accompanies a lot of the different meals. In America bread is the staple. In Italy

Williamsburg Buffet

November 17, 2016Read More

You know a tourist town like Williamsburg would not be complete without 1 or 2 great buffets. For visitors or locals, it seems almost essential to

Pollo A Brasa in Williamsburg: Peruvian Chicken With Great Flavor

October 12, 2016Read More

For some getting good Pollo A Brasa in Newport News, Hampton or Williamsburg might be difficult to do. That is unless you go to Latin Food

Mexican Food And Beyond In Williamsburg

September 22, 2016Read More

Compared to 30 years ago, many Americans, both in Williamsburg and abroad, make Tex-Mex or authentic Mexican food part of their monthly repertoire of meals. Many