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Some of the best foods don’t follow a simple origin story. As people migrate, tastes and cultures mix. The result are unusual and delicious combinations, featuring flavors used in traditional and new ways. The fajita fits this description to a tee. Fajitas are said to have originated in the Southwest of the United States, inspired by a dish eaten by cowboys and migrants from Mexico who brought it to the American mainland.

Fajitas Are Tex-Mex

Because of this migratory cultural origin, fajitas get categorized as Tex Mex. Tex Mex is a category of regionalized dishes which combine Mexican style seasonings and dishes with ingredients and cooking styles of those in the United States. They are truly a fusion of flavors, often incorporating popular tastes from multiple Latino and non Latino cultures.

fajitasFajitas Explode With Options And Flavors

Originally made with skirt steak, fajitas have become little mini buffets adorning the tables at your favorite Latino or Mexican restaurants. Pairing yout choice of  shrimp, chicken, or steak with a host of toppings, you can create little mini tacos that combine fried vegetables, seasoning, beans, rice, and meat into a delicious dish.

Fajitas Make Quite An Entrance

You know when someone orders fajitas. They make quite an entrance. The dark metal plate, brought from the kitchen, overflowing with steam just screams this is as fresh as it gets. The sizzle, the aroma of flavors, lets everyone know you ordered fajitas.

Come Enjoy Fajitas At El Sabroson

Everything is fresh made and the fajitas are no exception. For great Latino or Mexican food, join us at our Williamsburg restaurant.